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Welcome to the Earth Faerie Guild
Daisy, Rotating

Welcome to our guild Webbie!
Since this is still new we dont have alot on it yet, but keep checking the news on out guild homepage to see updates on this webbie! Please visit the newest editioin to our webbie!

Guild Webbie 2

January 07, 2005

I now declare fridays, Free Friday! I will be giving out prizes to 3 of our most active members EVERY friday! Good luck!

January 06,  2005

We now have 9 members! Yay! We might have a party as soon as we hit 15 members! I have posted some more new jobs, I have ALOT I want to add so I will be working on another site to connect to this one! Good luck with the contest!

January 05,2005

Today is the Grand Opening of our guild webbie!! This way we will be able to post more stuff! Here is what I have planned for this webbie: I am going to post a list of jobs available for members to do, I hope to have avatar help, hopefully a Newspaper!, and some help for newbies on how to be a succesful neopian!

Coming Soon

I hope to have the first issue of the Earth Faerie Newspaper out by the end of this month. I also am trying to get the avatar page up and running.