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Manny tells on Paige about her "romance" with the teacher
 Emma starts to take some interest in Jay.
 When Alex is diagnosed with gonorrea, she finds out that Jay (her boyfriend) has been having oral sex with a whole bunch of girls down at the ravine.

 Uh oh! Dylan is in SERIOUS trouble!!!
 Marco confronts Dylan
 Marco kisses craig to make Dylan jelous

Jimmy returns to degrassi and is greeted with a whole school full of happy people (especially his girlfriend Hazel)

Spinner tells Mrs. Mrs. Hatzilakos about how he and Jay planned the thing with Rick, she calls his parents and he gets expelled.

J.T and his friend (i dont remember his name) get into a fight over......LIBERTY

 Chris (emma's ex) teases her about the "incident" with Jay.

Manny, because she is mad at Paige, tells the principal about Paiges relationship with her teacher, Matt.

When Spinner tells Jimmy it was his fault that Rick shot him, jimmy cant forgive his former "friend". Spinner gets drunk, crashes jimmy's party, drives drunk, confesses to the principal, and gets expelled!!!!

With Sean returning home to his parents after the shooting, Ellie has a hard time taking care of herself.