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West Side Girls

-In the gymnasium, the cheerleaders are performing their routine for Ms. Hatzilakos-

Paige: All right come on guys! Get to spots!!

*Paige screws up while they’re performing*

Paige: Oopsie daisy!

Ms. Hatzilakos: Wow! When everyone gets a load of that at the year end party we’re gonna have to force them to take a summer vacation.

Darcy: Manny’s choreography’s more fun than going to the beach.

Paige: Okay as captain of the squad I’d like to say that I adore you guys and I want to thank all of you for your spectacular hard work!

Ms. Hatzilakos: Well the school appreciates it Paige. Thank you so much!

Manny: For being a big, fat useless pile of nothing.

*The girls start laughing*

Paige: Did you want to say something Manny?

Manny: Gosh no Paige. It’s all you.

-At Manny’s locker -

Manny: If I peed in the foyer Paige would claim she gave me the water.

Emma: There wouldn’t be much credit there.

Toby: If you were my prom date, I wouldn’t let her take any credit, not from me.

Emma: There really wouldn’t be!

Toby: Shut up Emma.

Manny: I’ve been knocking myself out. Paige comes to one practice in three months and acts like she owns it.

Toby: Uh did you hear the part where I asked you to the prom?

Manny: Toby you’re a sweet, sweet guy, but-

Marco: But Manny’s going with me. Sorry, but as the newly single head of the dance committee, I had to scoop up the cutest date I could find!

Toby: How come the gay guys always win?!

Manny: Oh my god, thank you so much.

Marco: You’ll find something chic to wear?

Manny: Of course. Who’s all going?!

Marco: Um us, Jimmy, Hazel and just so you know I think Paige is bringing Matt.

-In the hallway-

Manny: Marco is my dream date, well nearly, but Paige will eat me alive if I go with you guys.

Hazel: That’s because you did get her boyfriend fired from teaching and pull her hair.

Manny: Well maybe Hazel the peacemaker could smooth it over just a teensy bit?

Hazel: We are going shopping tonight at Pretty, Pretty around 7ish and shopping makes Paige emotional.

Manny: Okay…

Hazel: You could run into us, act all submissive. You might get someplace.

-At the TV studio-

Kevin: I don’t know, I think it just felt like it was time to get off the sound stages and kind of go back into the real world, shoot real locations, real people.

Caitlin: And so when do cameras start rolling on Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh?

Kevin: You like that title. The ‘eh’ makes it.

Caitlin: I do!

Kevin: We were supposed to start shooting in a couple weeks but sadly just recently, some of our locations dropped out on us. Or dropped ‘oot’ on us as you say. Um so if anyone out there has a beer factory, or hockey rink, or a doughnut shop, or a strip club Or a school! Particularly a school. Please call us. Call me.

Caitlin: Please join us next week. I’m Caitlin Ryan. That was great everyone! That was great.

Kevin: Thank you. That was really fun.

Caitlin: Thank you. Kevin this is Craig, my uh sort of stepson.

Kevin: Right on. How are you sir?

Craig: Hi. Wow hi.

Kevin: Mr. Manning hi, wow, hi yourself.

Craig: How did you?

Kevin: Little bird.

Caitlin: Craig uh goes to my old school. Maybe you’ve heard of it, Degrassi?

Craig: Well it’s a great looking school. You should check it out. Uh you should check it out on Friday because my girlfriend and I are playing prom.

Kevin: Oh really? What, are you a musician or something?

Caitlin: Fantastic musician.

Kevin: Fantastic, the lady says! That’s good enough for me. Can I borrow your pen?

Caitlin: Of course.

Kevin: I’m looking for a fantastic musician sir. This is my music guy’s number. You give him a shout, tell him I told you to call him. Give me something high school dude. Real high school. Not Weezer approximating high school. Can you give me emo? You can give me real emo?

Craig: I can give you real emo.

Kevin: Right on sir. Excellent. You may have a job.

-At the store-

Hazel: Small is still a bit squeezey.

Paige: It’s better than an extra small. I love it.

*Paige walks out and sees Manny in the same dress*

Manny: Hi. Guess I have great taste. Strapless make you nervous too?

Paige: Is that the extra small?

Manny: Pfft. No. No. Listen Paige, I was really hoping that we could make things better between us.

Paige: Take off the dress.

Manny: Listen I hate, I hate that you hate me. Please is there anything that I can do?

Paige: Out of the dress and my airspace.

-In Craig’s garage-

Craig: Get behind that keyboard.

Ashley: Can we sit for a minute first?

Craig: No sitting, no time.

Ashley: Okay I told you my dad got a transfer to BBC World in London?

Craig: ((Something in a British accent))

Ashley: Well he got me a summer job too! BBC 6 they call it T-Girl which I think means gopher, but-

Craig: You’re not going to London.

Ashley: Look Craig I know. But I promise I’ll IM you everyday and send you tons of obscure Brit pop.

Craig: I’m afraid that we’re gonna be too busy doing music for Kevin Smith’s soundtrack.

Ashley: What?! How?! Oh my god.

Craig: I, I know! We have a meeting with his music guy. How much do you love me now?!

Ashley: Better get behind that keyboard!

Craig: See I told you, you weren’t going. *singing* Silent Boooooob!

-At the food court-

Paige: The only summer job out there is in the Yukon??

Matt: I’m broke Paige. I’m like selling my stuff, eating macaroni broke. And tree planting pays and my parents have cut off my tuition money. It’s $400 a day, free rent. This is looking like the only way out. Be back before you miss me.

Paige: The whole summer is forever.

Marco: Hey I just saw your old boss. The mere site of Meeri took six years off my life!

Matt: I’ll go get us some drinks.

Paige: Diet. Squeezey dress.

Marco: Did I just totally wreck a moment?

Paige: He’s leaving, before the prom and he won’t be back for months.

-In the gymnasium-

Manny: What?!

Marco: I’m so sorry, but Paige needs a date and she’s honestly heartbroken and then I-Maybe Toby’s still free.

Darcy: Manny can you help us for a sec?

Marco: Hey I’ll vote for you for queen. A tiara would really suit you!

Manny: Hair jewelry. Right. That’d fix my totally sucky life for sure.

Darcy: Paige is having trouble with the 1 cupe, 2 grapevine, 3 combo.

Paige: I’m not having trouble with it. I just don’t like it and I don’t see why it can’t just be straight grapevine.

Chante: Because that’s boring.

Paige: Okay I’m the captain. I’m not in the mood for sass and I’m changing the choreography. Is that boring?

Manny: I’ll show you and I’ll take it really, really slow okay?

Paige: I’m missing the mascot. Go get the costume, I’ll take your place.

Manny: You want me to do what?!

Hazel: We’re performing in two hours Paige. We’ve never caught you.

Paige: Well unless Manny, Darcy, Chante and you all want off the squad, Manny’s the mascot. Consider my foot down.

-At Manny’s locker-

Darcy: Don’t throw out Justin!

Manny: Purging. Anything that could possibly remind me of this year must go.

Darcy: I wish we could purge Paige. If anyone deserved to fall off her high horse it’s her. What?!

Manny: Okay…what if-

-In the auditorium-

Ms. Hatzilakos: And so I’d like to declare this school year officially over. *Everyone starts cheering*

Kevin: Offer you a free soda? Swanky school.

Caitlin: Actually we call it pop around these here parts.

Kevin: Ah see this is why I need you around me when we’re shooting the movie so you can translate Canadian. Can you do that for me?

Caitlin: Oh stop.

Kevin: The whole time. Please.

Caitlin: Shush!

Ms. Hatzilakos: To send us toward the summer with smiles on our faces, here’s Degrassi’s spirit squad!!

*The girls start their routine, Paige goes up in a double base and as she’s cradling the girls purposely don’t catch her*

Paige: Ow!! Ow my leg! Ow! Ow.

Caitlin: So that’s the gym.

Paige: Ow! Ow please do something!!

-In the recording

Craig: We write all our own stuff.

Ashley: So we can adjust it if you want!

Music guy: If I want? What I want is Husker Du meets the Meat Puppets with maybe a soup song of Van Halen. That’s what I want.

Craig: Um okay! Is that what we did?!

Music guy: Is that what you did?? This is a buddy/love story okay man!! It’s not the place for whiny girls impersonating Kate Bush, accompanied by Bon Jovi wannabees!

Craig: Hey!!

Music guy: Get out of my office please. Thank you. Get Kevin for me please.

Craig: I guess we’re no Meat Puppets.

Ashley: I guess we suck!

-At the store, Manny is trying on a simple dark dress-

Emma: Don’t look so worried. Paige is fine. So is the dress…

Manny: Fine, fine, fine as in boring! Like mass. Latin with holy hot altar boys out the flute.

Emma: Kind of looks like something the altar boy would wear.

Manny: *picking up the pink dress* This one makes me happy, but Paige-

Emma: She broke her leg yesterday. She’s not going to the semi-formal. And this just happens to be the Manniest dress ever.

Manny: You think?

Emma: After all she put you through I think you deserve it.

-Outside the dance-

JT: The cheese buffet opens at 10.

Manny: Tempting.

Liberty: We came up with that together. We share a love of cheese.

JT: Yes we do. Anyways your ballots for king and queen.

Darcy: I feel terrible! Do you feel terrible? I feel terrible.

Manny: She’ll get over it and so will we.

Darcy: Her leg was twisted like she was a Cirque Du Soleil chick! She isn’t!!

Manny: So we’ll, we’ll vote for her for prom queen okay? And we’ll send the tiara to her house. Now I’m going to ask Toby to dance for extra penance.

Darcy: Okay.

-Outside the school, Paige, Hazel, Marco & Jimmy arriving-

Paige: Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade our limo driver Jim Boy Jed, the criminal, delivers us in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse, happed up on painkillers I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus! Hello everyone!! Happy prom! This is so perfectly festive!

Jimmy: Are you finished?

Paige: No! My armpits hurt!

Hazel: More than your armpits will hurt if you don’t shut your pie hole! I wanted this to be special for him and all you can do is whine!

Marco: Um if the tantrums been thrown-

Hazel: One more thing, Manny stepped up and ran the Spirit Squad for you when you were too self-involved! All she wanted was a thank you, but could you give her that?! Oh no!

Paige: She was horrible to me!

Hazel: But can you tell me why you had to be more horrible back? Why you always have to be more horrible?!

-Inside the dance, Manny & Toby are dancing-

Manny: Um maybe, maybe I can get a beverage now?

Toby: Maybe you’ll uh like the next song too.

Manny: Right. Right, right, well, Emma! Emma-

Emma: Hey.

Manny: Said she would die if she didn’t get her hands on you!

*Manny shoves Emma in Toby’s arms*

Emma: No I-

Kevin: Oh my god Ms. Ryan. If I knew you were taking me to the prom, I would have totally gotten you a corsage.

Caitlin: I’m here to help you check the place out. It doesn’t qualify as a date.

Kevin: So weird, my prom date said the exact same thing.

-Outside the dance-

Manny: Oh my god. You’re indestructible. Um I’m really glad you’re here because-

Paige: What are you wearing?!

Liberty: Once the ballot’s filled out it needs to be handed in.

Paige: I cannot believe!

JT: Maybe you two could be the world’s first matching prom queen set, like socks, or mittens or uh bookends.

Manny: We’re not bookends.

Paige: What I was going to say was uh good luck. I really hope you win.

-In the gymnasium-

*Ashley and Craig are performing for everyone*

-In the photocopying room, Paige is photocopying a bunch of ballots and putting Manny’s name on them -

Paige: Can’t wait to you see you center stage Manny Santos.

-Outside the dance-

Craig: We rocked the place out!

Ashley: Did you just say rocked out?

Craig: Hey no lip or I’ll smother you in sweat.

Ashley: I’m gonna miss you so much.

Craig: But, the show went really great!

Ashley: There was a moment up there when I just thought to myself I have nothing left to prove. I’m ready to go to England and try some new things.

Craig: Alright.

Ashley: You know I’ve wanted to go since I was a kid.

Craig: Since you saw Mary Poppins, I know. It’s great, it’s really great.

Ashley: Come on you. Let’s get to the cheese buffet before Heather Sinclair eats all the havarti.

Craig: Um I’ll meet you there.

-Back in the gymnasium-

Marco: Thanks to my charming, but odd, cheese loving committee, to all of you and of course to our sponsor Pantene. Alright right now, for the fateful moment, our king Jimmy Brooks and queen Manny Santos!

*Paige tries to grab the crown from Marco and her crutch smashes his foot*

Marco: Paige what are you doing?!

Paige: Give me the crown. Well deserved Manny!

*Paige leans forward and ‘accidentally’ pulls off Manny’s dress and uses her crutch to push Marco into her so she falls into Kevin’s arms*

Kevin: You alright? We’re gonna definitely be shooting here Ms. Ryan. Go put on a new gown.

*Manny runs out of the gym crying and Paige is shown laughing*

-Outside the gymnasium-

Kevin: Hey I know that kid. Hey kid get off my set!!

Craig: Sorry you working here?

Kevin: No we’re not! It’s okay. Dude I never work and that thing, I don’t even know how it operates. Ever see one of my flicks? It kind of shows.

Craig: Yeah. I like the one where the guys hang outside the 7-11.

Kevin: Yeah that kind of narrows it down a bit. Why aren’t you inside prom-ing it up?

Craig: Your music guy hated us and uh now Ashley’s going to England.

Kevin: Ah what I’m hearing is girl trouble dude. Always comes down to girl trouble. I can feel your pain sir.

Craig: You’ve been through this?

Kevin: Girl trouble? Dealing with a fat guy from New Jersey. Yeah I’ve had girl trouble. Even when I write and direct the movies, I never get the girl. I always wind up with Jay, some cases a monkey. But you know what I found, when my uh heart gets broken, just throw yourself into work man. Go home start writing a song. Go write a song for a movie. Movie directed by fat Star Wars nerd who hangs around high schools during prom, talks to brokenhearted musician types. Dude what part of this don’t you understand?!

Craig: Your music guy said I suck!

Kevin: Ugh dude he’s persona non grata. That dude’s got no credibility whatsoever. The day Creed broke up I found him in a bathroom stall and he was crying. Crying!! Besides, it’s my movie. It’s not his movie. You’re looking at me all incredulous-like. Dude did you not see me ten minutes ago?! I flat out caught the Prom Queen! You know what kind of huge karmic debt that is to pay back? I gotta pay it forward man. I’m gonna pay you.

-In the girls washroom-

Paige: I brought pins. If it were legal I’d offer you painkillers too.

Manny: Where do you get off coming in here?! How can you even talk to me?

Paige: Hi you broke my leg!

Manny: You made me be the mascot.

Paige: You made me look stupid.

Manny: You took credit for my work.

Paige: You got Matt fired!

Manny: You! I don’t remember, but you started it!

Paige: I’ll keep going! You stress me at Spirit Squad! You make me look like full fat spaz!

Manny: Shut up!! You’re just jealous.

Paige: Yeah right.

Manny: Um, don’t drink anything else tonight. The girls went out for laxatives.

Paige: Thanks for the tip. Well at least it’s summer now.

Manny: Yeah summer’s good.

Moonlight Desires

-In the gymnasium, people are setting up for a blood drive-

Marco: So for tomorrow Ellie I need you to hand out stickers, okay? Craig I need you to pack the blood bags. And Alex, Alex!!

Alex: This I will not be wearing.

Marco: It's for TV, Caitlin Ryan's community show?? Look when people see Degrassi, I want them to think cute and cuddly.

Alex: I'm going to clobber you.

Marco: That's not cuddly. And as a president speaking to his vice-

Alex: Alright. Calm down. Everything has to be perfect.

Ellie: She's right. What you've done for the school this year, ever consider running a second term?

Alex: *dancing around in the mascot head* Four more years! Four more years!

Marco: I can't. I was thinking of picking up a few extra credits this summer. This way, I can graduate after first semester's done, maybe even move in with Dylan before university. My boyfriend? Alright you guys know I'm gay, right?

Ellie: Um I'm stuck on graduating early.

Craig: I'm on move in with Dylan.

Marco: Guys it's not that big a deal! Okay it's huge.

-Outside Degrassi, there's a sign that says 'blood drive today'-

Dylan: So you'll call before you come over for the party? Marco? Today's gonna go fine.

Marco: There's been a bee in this car for the entire ride. Fear is my friend.

Dylan: You know a year ago you would have jumped out of a moving vehicle.

Marco: Yeah well, a year ago I wasn't with you.

*They kiss*

Marco: Go. Back to your dorm. I'll see you tonight at the party.

-In the gymnasium, Spike is giving blood-

Spike: It's like breastfeeding, only out of your arm.

Emma: I think it's faster if you're quiet.

Caitlin: *on camera* So you inherited a school where a student died and another paralyzed.

Ms. Hatzilakos: Not the best situation to assume Principal, I agree.

Caitlin: And yet you've managed to turn it all around.

Ms. Hatzilakos: Oh no. Not me! Marco is the hero here. Organizing the dances, the assemblies, that's where the work has been.

Caitlin: You donated yet Marco?

Marco: Well I'm planning-

*Alex jumps on him in the Panther suit*

Marco: Alex! Stop tackling me!!

Caitlin: Uh cut!

Ms. Hatzilakos: So when is this gonna air?

Caitlin: Eight tonight and I wanna add shots of Marco donating, when you're recovered.

-At the dot, Spinner is working and Jay is tapping a spoon against a glass-

Spinner: If I'm still serving you ten years from now kill me, all right?

Jay: Well study hard and stay in school. Oh right! You got us expelled.

Spinner: Here you go ladies. Uh Clare will be with you in a moment to take your order.

Old lady: We asked for lemon with our water.

Spinner: Uh, you can't bring a dog in here.

Old lady: I didn't hear complaints. Ladies? We'll have the lunch menu instead.

Spinner: I'm going off shift, so Clare will-

Old lady: And lemon for the water and a bowl for Baby Bear here. So she can have some too, yes!!

-Back in the gymnasium, Marco is about to donate-

Marco: So if I pass out and start drooling, swear you'll stop filming?

Nurse Davis: Mr. Del Rossi? Could you please ask them to stop filming for just a minute?

Caitlin: Uh we're not shooting the whole giving of blood. We're just gonna shoot a few frames of the President.

Nurse Davis: I'm sorry Ms. Ryan.

Marco: Is there some kind of problem?

Nurse Davis: Uh there's a question here that you answered yes beside.

Marco: It asks, if I'm male and if I've had…with another male.

Nurse Davis: Yes, if you've had sex.

Marco: So?

Nurse Davis: Well it's policy you have to understand, um but I can't let you be a donor.

-In the principal's office, Spinner is holding a flower pot-

Ms. Hatzilakos: You shouldn't be here Gavin.

Spinner: I, I didn't make an appointment. I was afraid you wouldn't see me. I just want you to know this being expelled, I'm not taking it like it's a vacation. I've been keeping up in my textbooks.

Ms. Hatzilakos: You were supposed to return those.

Spinner: But I need them to write exams.

Ms. Hatzilakos: You don't get to do that.

Spinner: So that's it? I just lose my whole year?

Ms. Hatzilakos: I'm willing to offer summer school.

Spinner: But that only gives me two credits. That's not even enough to graduate. I mean that's a whole year of my life I have to do over. That's not fair!

Ms. Hatzilakos: What's not fair is that Rick Murray is dead as an indirect result of your bullying.

Spinner: I need to finish my year Ms. H!

Ms. Hatzilakos: No.

*Spinner throws the flower in the garbage and leaves*

-In the gymnasium-

Marco: *On his cell* Dylan? Hey it's me. Look just please call me, whenever. I'm here.

*He walks over to Ellie, Craig & Alex*

Craig: Why is your blood any more risky than ours?

Ellie: Don't they test everything anyway?

Marco: There's nothing wrong with me. I've only been with Dylan, he's only been with me. Even then we were totally safe!

Alex: So stop whining. Start complaining. There's your soapbox. Use it!!

Marco: Caitlin! Hey!

Caitlin: Hey.

Marco: How's this for a story? Prejudice and homophobia at local high school.

Caitlin: I'd say we're on you.

Marco: Nurse Davis? Hey.

Nurse Davis: Yeah?

Marco: Hi.

Nurse Davis: Hi.

Marco: I, I want, look I want to ask why blood management refuses gay people from giving blood.

Nurse Davis: Um, um well it's policy. I'm not a spokesperson so I can't really comment further.

Marco: Fine. *to the camera* My name's Marco del Rossi, Student Council President. Today a student was denied as a blood donor because of his sexuality.

Nurse Davis: That's not the reason.

Marco: Then what is?

Nurse Davis: Well there is, within the gay community, there is an increased risk of HIV infection.

Marco: Saying that is lumping up all gay people as diseased. I listened in health class and anybody with a pulse can get HIV.

Nurse Davis: Yes but-

Ms. Hatzilakos: Marco? Please? *She stops the filming* Thank you. Thank you. Look this blood drive, you should be so proud of yourself for everything you've done. Look at all these people.

Marco: My whole point is that I'm supposed to be one of them!

-Outside Degrassi, Jay is trying to steal a bike and kicks it-

Spinner: Hey!!

Jay: You want a kick, too?

Spinner: That's my bike, goof-bag.

Jay: Yeah well it's your fault I'm so bored!

Spinner: So? I'm stuck with you!! Haven't I been punished enough?

Jay: Not yet.

Spinner: Know stealing? It's kid's stuff. But real stealing from Degrassi...

-At Dylan's dorm, Marco walks into his room and sees Dylan making out with another guy and bolts-

Dylan: Marco!! Marco wait!

Marco: No.

Dylan: About Eric, I meant to tell you. He's a friend from Psych class.

Marco: There's other ways, better ways of breaking up Dylan!

Dylan: Who's breaking up? Honey I'm in university now and there are people here, really interesting people that, that I really like.

Marco: Oh yeah like Eric.

Dylan: I love you and I don't want to stop seeing you. What I'd like to do is open things up a bit. You know see other people.

*Marco shoves Dylan and leaves*

-Outside Degrassi-

Marco: *on his cell* He wants to open things up.

Ellie: *on her cell* He's a colossal jerk.

Marco: *Sees his friends and closes his phone* It's so humiliating. First I get rejected as a blood donor, now by Dylan. Maybe the blood people were right.

*Alex smacks Marco on his head*

Marco: What is wrong with you?

Alex: My ex, formerly known as Jay Hogart, screwed around with every girl at this school. It's not a gay thing. Promiscuity, it's a guy thing.

Craig: Hey. Didn't I hear that you clocked Amy for being equally trampy?

Ellie: Oh and how's Ash, Craig? Or are you back with Manny? It's hard to tell, especially when you secretly dated them at the same time.

Craig: Let's just call it a people thing.

Ellie: Let's call it a choice. Monogamy wow, what a difficult concept.

Marco: I just want my boyfriend back.

Craig: He's got a party tonight right? Well then back is what we'll get him.

-At night, inside Degrassi-

*Spinner and Jay were hiding in cupboards until the janitor left*

-At Dylan's dorm-

Craig: Girls and boys? I didn't think Dylan's dorm would be quite so co-ed.

Marco: You see him yet?

Craig: Who?

Marco: Dylan!

Dylan: Hey! I'm really happy you came.

Marco: Yeah? That's good...

Craig: I'm gonna go uh see what they're stocking for pop. Gentlemen…

Dylan: Come on.

-In Degrassi -

* Jay and Spinner are throwing toilet paper around in the gym, then stacking a bunch of chairs in the hall and just goofing around*

-At the party-

Marco: Craig um look. Everything's unfolding pretty good so if you don't want to you don't have to stay!

Craig: Are you kidding?! It's eight o'clock.

Dylan: What's eight o'clock?

Marco: Oh Caitlin Ryan!! Degrassi! Me at the blood drive. Can I? Thanks. *He turns on the TV*

Caitlin: *On that TV* You inherited a school where a student died, another paralyzed.

Ms. Hatzilakos: *On the TV* Not the best situation to assume Principal, I agree.

Caitlin: *On the TV* And yet you've managed to turn it around.

Ms. Hatzilakos: *On the TV* Oh no. Not me! Marco is the hero here. Organizing the assemblies, the dances, that's where the work has been.

Marco: Ah tell me my head doesn't look that big.

Craig: Your hair, that's what's big.

Dylan: It looks great. You look great.

Caitlin: *On the TV* And so Degrassi has risen from the ashes of a tumultuous school year thanks to this week's local hero Marco Del Rossi.

Marco: Wait. No wait. Wait for it. I think this is it.

Caitlin: *On the TV* I'm Caitlin Ryan.

Marco: That's it? No there's more. There's them not letting me give blood and then I-

Eric: Dylan? We're toasting to summer with kamikazes!

Dylan: Wait a second.

Marco: It's nothing. Go. Kamikaze. Whatever.

Dylan: I'll be right back.

Marco: Dylan got me out of the closet last year. Yet here I was, my turn to make him proud. What I should be doing is making him jealous.

Craig: Uh…

-Back at Degrassi, Spinner finds the yearbooks-

Spinner: What do we have here? Degrassi: A year of memories.

Jay: I said something worth something. I always like counting how many times I'm in this thing. The way I see it the less, the better. Oh crap. One. The last thing I want to see is me smiling goofy and hanging off my bestest friend. No. Two. I'm a freak! A failure. Nothing compared to you though, I mean you're, you're all through this thing.

*Spinner sees a bunch of pics with him and his friends and throws the book down*

Jay: You alright there, Spinster?

Spinner: Follow me. Grab some more.

-At the party-

Marco: Hi. Hi, I'm Marco.

Mike: Mike.

Marco: Mike! So uh Mike! I was thinking of coming here next year. I was actually thinking about residence. But so far the only room I've seen is Dylan's.

Mike: You want like a tour?

Marco: Yeah, no a tour would be great and maybe I could see your room? You know to compare.

Mike: Okay, um it's two floors down, 403. Just give me a sec to clean up okay?

Marco: Okay. I'll see you in a bit…Mike.

Mike: Marco…

-At Degrassi, Spinner-

Jay: Yo where'd you disappear?

Spinner: Science lab. I got fluid of the lighter kind.

*He starts pouring the fluid on the yearbooks and pulls out a lighter*

Jay: Seriously it's bonfire night? Look I know math wasn't your strongest subject, but yearbooks plus fire equals the whole school up in flames. Oh yeah and us in jail. Put the toy away, flip-head.

Spinner: You're stopping me?

*Jay smacks the lighter out of his hands*

Jay: Shocking but true.

Spinner: You're a freak in the same way that I am.

Jay: Yeah well at least I'm not torching the school.

*Jay smacks the lighter away from Spinner and the guys start fighting*

Jay: You want your former friends to suffer?! Huh?? Do you?

Spinner: I want 'em back.

Jay: Listen as your friend substitute, I'm telling you. This isn't the way. It's not.

Spinner: I just want 'em back.

Jay: Come on man we got to clean this up.

-In the stairwell at Dylan's dorm-

Craig: You know you are a great guy. The most honest, down-to-earth, nicest person that I know. You're a little short, but that just adds to the cuteness. That I would find you to be. If you were a girl or I was not a guy. *points to himself* Is not gay. Just tell me this is helping.

Marco: You're telling me what I really want to hear. I appreciate it, thanks. If you want to help tell me I'm an idiot.

Craig: You're an idiot?

Marco: I can't go downstairs. I can't stay here. I can't talk to Dylan. What do I do?!

Dylan: Marco?

*Marco kisses Craig so that Dylan can see*

Dylan: I um, wow.

Craig: So when in doubt you kiss Craig?!

Marco: I gotta settle this with Dylan.

Craig: Yeah you do!! You really, really do!!

*Marco leaves and pulls Dylan out of the party*

Marco: I love you.

Dylan: Likewise, but what was that?

Marco: Dylan a lot of things aren't making sense right now.

Dylan: So what do you want me to say?

Marco: It made you jealous?

Dylan: It was Craig!

Marco: I don't want you to see other people. I don't like it and I'm not gonna like it and I'm not gonna feel bad that it bugs me.

Dylan: It bugs you?

Marco: It bugs me.

Dylan: It doesn't have to okay? How I feel about you, this changes none of that.

Marco: That's fine and okay. But you see it changes how I, how I feel about me.

Dylan: My freedom. That's important to me right now. I can't give that up.

Marco: Then you and me? I can't. And it's over.

*Marco leaves crying*

-In Ms. Hatzilakos' office-

Spinner: Ms. H?

Ms. Hatzilakos: Gavin I don't have time to argue.

Spinner: You mentioned summer school.

Ms. Hatzilakos: I offered. You declined.

Spinner: Uh then what if I take it at another school or by correspondence and make the credits up that way? Could I come back next fall? There, there are two things that I want: to finish school and to get my friends back. But someone, someone's got to give me a chance. Please?

Ms. Hatzilakos: Here are the forms and summer school schedule, aka your chance. Gavin? Don't screw it up.

-At the news station-

Caitlin: Hey Marco!

Marco: Hey! So the blood drive, it was a huge success. Thank you so much for covering it.

Caitlin: My pleasure.

Marco: I just had a question about the scene I started in the gym? Are you gonna air that at a different time or...?

Caitlin: Actually some people here would rather bury that part of it.

Marco: Oh. Okay.

Caitlin: Uh no it's not okay, actually. I'm sick of seeing AIDS being viewed as a solely homosexual disease. I've tried to do something about it before. Last year I even went to Africa. One word, educating. You know if you're interested in volunteering, I've got some friends we could talk to.

Marco: Yeah sure! I'm interested.

Caitlin: Interested enough in spending some time in Africa or the Caribbean?

Marco: Yeah! Yeah, of course.

Caitlin: It would mean giving up your entire summer. Any big plans?

Marco: I did...have some. But you know how it is with plans. They change.