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PLEASE NOTE: I can not be held responsibility for the accuracy and truthfulness of anything on this page. If a gossip tip or rumor is true, it would be noted. So I wouldn't bank all of my hopes and dreams on this page. It's here as more of an awareness sort of thing. If you have an information about anything, send me an email.

Season 5 Titles

501 - Venus--Part 1
502 - Venus--Part 2
503 - Death of a Disco Dancer
504 - Foolin'
505 - Weddings, Parties, Anything
506 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
507- Turned Out Part 1
508 - Turned Out Part 2
509- Never Gonna Give You Up
5010- Redemption
511/512 - The Lexicon of Love

x Mellissa McIntyre is indeed OUT as Ashley. The actress has decided to begin taking college classes so she will not be returning to the award-winning series. However, if things work out with the movie, it is possible she may return for that. (6/9)

x Daniel Clark may be returning to the Degrassi set towards the end of the season, possibly in November if not for the TV series, then for the movie. (6/9)

x Among those cast members not listed in the returning cast members are Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Stacey (Caitlyn), Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch), and Danile Clark (Sean). This could very well mean that none of them will be around for season 5. (5/25)

x After four years following the teens of Degrassi, this is the year that viewers will see the first class of students graduate. Season Five begins with Manny anxious to pursue an acting career. Unfortunately, she is not prepared for the harsh realities of living out her Hollywood dream. Meanwhile, Craig receives an unwelcome birthday present from Ashley. (Confirmed: Press Relase, 5/25)

x About Manny. . . . it may be a stretch, but has anyone ever though that the price Manny didn't see coming about an acting career might be prostitution? With everyone saying how shocking and surprising the next season is going to be, I can definitely see something like that happening. Maybe Manny gets a shady agent that suggests that she sleeps around to get to the top. that would definitely cover the topic of sexuality and would be a pretty big topic to cover for a season premiere. (5/25)

x Not sure if it's true or not, but I just heard that Lauren Collins (Paige) was interviewed on Etalk Daily (Canadian show) - someone claimed they saw the crew leaving the Degrassi set. (5/21)

x So here's the deal, or at least, what I can make out of all of it. So, if anyone ever saw "School's Out", the Degrassi movie after the series ended, you will remember Tessa Campenelli, the girl that Joey cheated on Caitlyn with. Well, at the end of the movie, Tessa was pregnant with Joey's baby and she went to an abortion clinic, but they never showed her going through with it. So, I guess the question is, with a new cast member (SEE NEWS), could the new boy be Craig's younger brother, Joey's long lost son with Tessa? (Posted 5/1)

x Daniel Clark (Sean) has not appeared in any Degrassi episodes since 409: Back in Black. It is rumored that Daniel Clark will not be appearing in season 5

x Daniel Clark is in California in college.

x Season 5 is the last season of Degrassi. (Unfortunately, probably true, but there hasn't been an official statement or anything)

x The show may make a movie after the series is complete, like they did with the original series.