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Eye of the Tiger
-Outside of Degrassi-

*Everyone is watching as Jimmy comes out of a van and they all start clapping and cheering*

Hazel: Hey la my boyfriend’s back!

Paige: I know, this is so song worthy!

Ashley: Hi.

Jimmy: Wow. Thanks you guys and uh thanks for not making a big deal out of it.

Ashley: Hazel tried to stop us.

Marco: Emphasize on try. Everyone was really excited to have you back.

*Spinner and Manny walk out of the school and Spinner waves*

Jimmy: Everyone?

*Spinner puts down his arm when Jimmy doesn’t smile at him*

Jimmy: Okay who’s ramping it with me?

Marco: Let’s go!!

-In the computer lab-

Spinner: Hey. Um listen about the...the hospital.

Jimmy: Wheels. Chair. It’s a wheelchair. Gawk all you want, it’s not going away.

Spinner: Um. Dude I would have come, but things got crazy busy around here and you know how it is…

Jimmy: I understand. I probably should have been there with you instead of at the hospital getting a bullet removed from my spine. My bad.

Spinner: I’m sorry okay? I didn’t know what to say or how to act. I suck.

Jimmy: Sit down. At this angle I can see up your nose. Not good.

Spinner: You should hate me.

Jimmy: That takes too much energy. I got other things to deal with, like hooking up some phat rims for the ride.

Mr. Simpson: Jimmy Brooks is in the house!

Jimmy: What’s up man?

Mr. Simpson: Hey. You gonna help me keep that guy in line? *looking at Spinner*

Jimmy: Yeah.

Mr. Simpson: Okay.

-A montage of Spinner helping Jimmy get his books out of his locker, pushing him through the halls, giving him a water bottle when he can’t use the fountain, taping up the cords on the ground so Jimmy can wheel right over them, Spinner is looking at the trophy case then goes up to Mr. Armstrong-

Spinner: Oh Coach sir! Um after, after the game today I have an idea!

-At Liberty’s, JT &
are kissing-

Liberty: Your lips taste like sweet jelly.

Danny: Hey
, how’s your mono?

: Bravo Daniel, you’ve discovered humor.

Danny: So JT, boarding park awaits!

: As does the hot tub, a perfect 105 Fahrenheit, 40.56 degrees Celsius. Just checked.

Danny: Did you check the chlorine level?

: It’s bromine, my little rottweiler.

Danny: Still not strong enough to kill whatever fungus is growing on you.

JT: You know what? My shorts double as a bathing suit!

Danny: JT!

JT: *weighing out his options with his hands* Rolling on the cement with you, rolling in the water with your sister...

Danny: If dad catches you in there together, he’ll-

Liberty: Oh, but he won’t because if he comes home you’ll give us a signal.

JT: Something obnoxious you know, like a bark!

-At the basketball game-

Mr. Armstrong: Alright before we head to the playoffs, the team would like to thank someone who helped get them there. Let’s have a big round of applause for Jimmy Brooks!!

*Everyone’s clapping and cheering for him*

Spinner: Hey um alright. Your name’s already on here twice, but uh from now on Degrassi’s MVP basketball award will be known as the Jimmy Brooks trophy!

Jimmy: Um this is definitely a surprise. I guess all I can say is, uh we go for MVP number 3 next year right?! Go Panthers!

-At Liberty’s house-

Mr. Van Zandt: Good afternoon Daniel. Sister around?

Danny: She’s out back. Soaking all her problems away.

Mr. Van Zandt: Mm hmm.

Danny: *quietly* Woof.

JT: Why didn’t you tell me my butt was so big?

: Because I like your butt.

Mr. Van Zandt: Out!! Now!

: We were just-

Mr. Van Zandt: JT, go home!

: JT’s one of my oldest friends!

Mr. Van Zandt: He’s also a teenage boy! You want to see JT again? Well wait until you’re twenty.

-In the gymnasium-

*Jimmy is trying to play basketball but gets frustrated, then Spinner walks in*

Jimmy: Just trying to do a lay-up.

Spinner: Better watch traveling if you wanna be back next year, right?

Jimmy: There won’t be a next year Spin. My basketball career, my whole future is gone. Just like these two pieces of me.

Spinner: Dude don’t.

Jimmy: Look stuck in a bed for three months, you can’t stop thinking.

Spinner: About getting better man and you will!!

Jimmy: About Rick and how I rode him just as hard as you guys! Even harder.

Spinner: Yeah but you didn’t set up the paint.

Jimmy: I know, but that doesn’t change anything does it? Rick put me in this chair for life. For life!! Sometimes I just wish he had better aim, finish the job.

Spinner: You don’t mean that!

Jimmy: How do you know what I mean. Are you in a chair? Do you wake up every morning thinking you can walk and then remembering that you will never ever walk again?!?! It’s not your fault. It’s mine.

Spinner: In the bathroom after, after we dumped that stuff on Rick…me and Jay…told him you were behind it.

Jimmy: And then he shot me.

*Jimmy rolls away as Spinner is just sitting in the middle of the room crying*

-At Degrassi, the next day, everyone’s looking at Spinner-

Craig: You actually showed up today.

Marco: Nobody wants to see you Spin. You’ve done enough damage.

Spinner: Exactly and now I have to fix it.

Craig: Then go fix it someplace else, as far away from Jimmy.

Marco: And that includes the party tonight alright?! Make other plans.

*Spinner walks away and sees Manny*

Spinner: Manny!

*She looks at him then walks away and completely ignores him*

-Outside the school-

Danny: You know it’s against the code for a guy to hook up with his best friend’s sister!

JT: The code? Somebody cue the laugh track.

Danny: Fine, she’s my sister and you don’t have my permission to go out with her.

JT: Excuse me?

Danny: She’s the smartest person in the school and you don’t even have an IQ! You don’t deserve her.

JT: That’s too bad because uh, the smartest girl in school thinks I do.

Danny: I guess you’ll need her help to read the instructions to your penis pump!

JT: Danny...I swear!

*Danny shoves JT, who shoves him back, then they start wrestling around. JT gives Danny a wedgie and he falls back and hits his head*

: Danny! Danny.

! He-

Liberty: Is bleeding. My brother’s bleeding because of you!

-At the Dot-

Waitress: I thought this place was a mad house after school. Where’s the gang?

Jay: Who’s a guy got to bribe around here to get some service? You know call me psychic, but I called it. You had to open your trap, didn’t you?!

Spinner: Jimmy deserved to know the truth.

Jay: Oh. Cool. So tell me, being an outcast, everyone hating you, does that make you feel any better? Cause if you want to be punished I can slap you around myself.

*Spinner grabs Jay’s arm and they almost start to fight*

Waitress: Hey! Hey if you’re not going to order it’s time to leave, okay? *Jay leaves*

*Spinner leaves work and Jay is waiting outside for him*

Spinner: Lets go! Right now.

Jay: Easy. I didn’t come here to fight, I just wanted to introduce you to my friends. Cause buddy you need friends. *pulls out some booze* This guy, he’s nasty. Tastes like fire. Rubs people the wrong way. *pulls out a coke* This guy here, well sweet...refreshing. But when these two get together, bad news. Kind of like you and me. Figure we outlaws might as well try to have a good time.

*They start drinking*

’s house-


: No trespassing! Because of your stupid little boy-crush, ruined everything!!

he’s not what you think! He’s just JT! A non-stop farting horndog.

: He was my boyfriend!

-In the woods, Jay and Spinner are drunk-

Jay: So Jimmy’s party. Did you lose your invitation?

Spinner: Nah man. They all hate me.

Jay: Hey! My philosophy, they can all go to hell.

Spinner: Yeah, but they weren’t your friends to begin with.

Jay: It’s this whole blame thing though! Rick is the bad guy, but now that he’s gone everyone’s looking to blame someone else.

Spinner: Yeah man! It’s like, It’s like I’m the guy who brought the gun to school. I’m, I’m the guy who shot Jimmy, right? I’m the criminal. It’s not fair!!

Jay: You want some cheese with that whine or are you gonna do something about it?

Spinner: Think I just found my invitation! *Drinks the rest of the bottle then smashes it against a tree*

-At Craig’s House-

*Craig is singing karaoke (poorly) to ‘Takin’ Care Of Business’ and everyone’s laughing, then Spinner stumbles in and knocks over the lamp*

Craig: You lost?!

Spinner: Jimmy! Listen. I wish, I wish none of that ever happened Jimmy!

Jimmy: You’re drunk.

Spinner: Just how can I get you to stop hating me?

Hazel: Spinner you should really go!

Paige: Can’t you take a hint?

Spinner: Just chew me out, bite my head off! I don’t care, just tell me please!!

Jimmy: Craig it’s your song still.

*They turn the music back on, Spinner grabs the keys off the counter, then stumbles outside and Marco, who was watching, follows*

Marco: Spinner!! Spinner what are you doing?

Spinner: Guys don’t want me here. I’m going home.

Marco: Come on Spin, you’re drunk alright? The next thing you know you’re in jail or the hospital or the morgue!!

Spinner: I don’t care!!

Marco: Craig! Craig!! Craig!

Craig: Spinner, get out of the car! Get out of the car!

*He closes the door and locks it*

Craig: Spinner get out of the car.

Marco: Spin come on. Spin don’t! Come on, Spinner don’t be stupid!!

*He starts driving and nearly hits Jimmy*

Spinner: Move Jimmy I mean it!

Jimmy: Look I don’t feel sorry for you if that’s what you want, okay?

Spinner: I want my friend back!

Jimmy: When have you ever treated me like a friend? When you lied to Rick? When you told me about it?

Spinner: You needed to know!

Jimmy: No you needed to make yourself feel better. Why don’t you for once, just think about somebody other than Spinner? Or you know what, just go drive off a bridge! I don’t care. I don’t. You’re dead to me already.

Craig: Keys!!

*Spinner hands him the keys then leans back and starts to cry*

’s House-

Liberty: Not in the mood for your hullabaloo Danny. This better be good.

*She sees JT and starts to leave*

Danny: Wait! JT didn’t do anything. It’s my fault. I started the fight.

: He didn’t have to finish it.

Mr. Van Zandt:
!! *She runs off* Hey Danny, where’s your sister?

Danny: Student council meeting. She already left.

Mr. Van Zandt: Oh? I could have sworn I heard you two just talking. Who were you talking to?

Danny: Just practicing. Oral presentation today.

Mr. Van Zandt: Oh well, keep it up and don’t be late for school!

Danny: Ok, coast is clear guys.

*JT and
are kissing*

Danny: Oh gross! I give up!

-At school, in the principal’s office-

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Gavin if you’d like to talk this…some other time-

Spinner: No. No, I’m ready now. I bullied Rick a lot and the Whack Your Brain contest, the paint and feathers thing.

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Yeah?

Spinner: It was my idea.

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Is there anyone else I need to talk to about that?

*Spinner nods*

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Well?

Spinner: Jay. Jay Hogart. He was in on it too.

Mrs. Hatzilakos: *On the phone* Sarah can you please pull Jay Hogart out of class. Please have him wait for me. *off the phone* I don’t even know where to begin. This is beyond anything you’ve ever done at this school.

Spinner: I know. I know and if you have to suspend me I will-

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Suspend?! A boy died! Another one is confined to a wheelchair for what might be the rest of his life!

Spinner: I’m sorry.

Mrs. Hatzilakos: I know you’re sorry, but it does not change what you did. Please, go to your locker, pack your things and I’ll notify your parents.

Spinner: When do I get to come back?

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Gavin, we have zero tolerance for bullying and I have no choice. I’m expelling you.


West Side Girls

-In the gymnasium, the cheerleaders are performing their routine for Ms. Hatzilakos-

Paige: All right come on guys! Get to spots!!

*Paige screws up while they’re performing*

Paige: Oopsie daisy!

Ms. Hatzilakos: Wow! When everyone gets a load of that at the year end party we’re gonna have to force them to take a summer vacation.

Darcy: Manny’s choreography’s more fun than going to the beach.

Paige: Okay as captain of the squad I’d like to say that I adore you guys and I want to thank all of you for your spectacular hard work!

Ms. Hatzilakos: Well the school appreciates it Paige. Thank you so much!

Manny: For being a big, fat useless pile of nothing.

*The girls start laughing*

Paige: Did you want to say something Manny?

Manny: Gosh no Paige. It’s all you.

-At Manny’s locker -

Manny: If I peed in the foyer Paige would claim she gave me the water.

Emma: There wouldn’t be much credit there.

Toby: If you were my prom date, I wouldn’t let her take any credit, not from me.

Emma: There really wouldn’t be!

Toby: Shut up Emma.

Manny: I’ve been knocking myself out. Paige comes to one practice in three months and acts like she owns it.

Toby: Uh did you hear the part where I asked you to the prom?

Manny: Toby you’re a sweet, sweet guy, but-

Marco: But Manny’s going with me. Sorry, but as the newly single head of the dance committee, I had to scoop up the cutest date I could find!

Toby: How come the gay guys always win?!

Manny: Oh my god, thank you so much.

Marco: You’ll find something chic to wear?

Manny: Of course. Who’s all going?!

Marco: Um us, Jimmy, Hazel and just so you know I think Paige is bringing Matt.

-In the hallway-

Manny: Marco is my dream date, well nearly, but Paige will eat me alive if I go with you guys.

Hazel: That’s because you did get her boyfriend fired from teaching and pull her hair.

Manny: Well maybe Hazel the peacemaker could smooth it over just a teensy bit?

Hazel: We are going shopping tonight at Pretty, Pretty around 7ish and shopping makes Paige emotional.

Manny: Okay…

Hazel: You could run into us, act all submissive. You might get someplace.

-At the TV studio-

Kevin: I don’t know, I think it just felt like it was time to get off the sound stages and kind of go back into the real world, shoot real locations, real people.

Caitlin: And so when do cameras start rolling on Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh?

Kevin: You like that title. The ‘eh’ makes it.

Caitlin: I do!

Kevin: We were supposed to start shooting in a couple weeks but sadly just recently, some of our locations dropped out on us. Or dropped ‘oot’ on us as you say. Um so if anyone out there has a beer factory, or hockey rink, or a doughnut shop, or a strip club Or a school! Particularly a school. Please call us. Call me.

Caitlin: Please join us next week. I’m Caitlin Ryan. That was great everyone! That was great.

Kevin: Thank you. That was really fun.

Caitlin: Thank you. Kevin this is Craig, my uh sort of stepson.

Kevin: Right on. How are you sir?

Craig: Hi. Wow hi.

Kevin: Mr. Manning hi, wow, hi yourself.

Craig: How did you?

Kevin: Little bird.

Caitlin: Craig uh goes to my old school. Maybe you’ve heard of it, Degrassi?

Craig: Well it’s a great looking school. You should check it out. Uh you should check it out on Friday because my girlfriend and I are playing prom.

Kevin: Oh really? What, are you a musician or something?

Caitlin: Fantastic musician.

Kevin: Fantastic, the lady says! That’s good enough for me. Can I borrow your pen?

Caitlin: Of course.

Kevin: I’m looking for a fantastic musician sir. This is my music guy’s number. You give him a shout, tell him I told you to call him. Give me something high school dude. Real high school. Not Weezer approximating high school. Can you give me emo? You can give me real emo?

Craig: I can give you real emo.

Kevin: Right on sir. Excellent. You may have a job.

-At the store-

Hazel: Small is still a bit squeezey.

Paige: It’s better than an extra small. I love it.

*Paige walks out and sees Manny in the same dress*

Manny: Hi. Guess I have great taste. Strapless make you nervous too?

Paige: Is that the extra small?

Manny: Pfft. No. No. Listen Paige, I was really hoping that we could make things better between us.

Paige: Take off the dress.

Manny: Listen I hate, I hate that you hate me. Please is there anything that I can do?

Paige: Out of the dress and my airspace.

-In Craig’s garage-

Craig: Get behind that keyboard.

Ashley: Can we sit for a minute first?

Craig: No sitting, no time.

Ashley: Okay I told you my dad got a transfer to BBC World in London?

Craig: ((Something in a British accent))

Ashley: Well he got me a summer job too! BBC 6 they call it T-Girl which I think means gopher, but-

Craig: You’re not going to London.

Ashley: Look Craig I know. But I promise I’ll IM you everyday and send you tons of obscure Brit pop.

Craig: I’m afraid that we’re gonna be too busy doing music for Kevin Smith’s soundtrack.

Ashley: What?! How?! Oh my god.

Craig: I, I know! We have a meeting with his music guy. How much do you love me now?!

Ashley: Better get behind that keyboard!

Craig: See I told you, you weren’t going. *singing* Silent Boooooob!

-At the food court-

Paige: The only summer job out there is in the Yukon??

Matt: I’m broke Paige. I’m like selling my stuff, eating macaroni broke. And tree planting pays and my parents have cut off my tuition money. It’s $400 a day, free rent. This is looking like the only way out. Be back before you miss me.

Paige: The whole summer is forever.

Marco: Hey I just saw your old boss. The mere site of Meeri took six years off my life!

Matt: I’ll go get us some drinks.

Paige: Diet. Squeezey dress.

Marco: Did I just totally wreck a moment?

Paige: He’s leaving, before the prom and he won’t be back for months.

-In the gymnasium-

Manny: What?!

Marco: I’m so sorry, but Paige needs a date and she’s honestly heartbroken and then I-Maybe Toby’s still free.

Darcy: Manny can you help us for a sec?

Marco: Hey I’ll vote for you for queen. A tiara would really suit you!

Manny: Hair jewelry. Right. That’d fix my totally sucky life for sure.

Darcy: Paige is having trouble with the 1 cupe, 2 grapevine, 3 combo.

Paige: I’m not having trouble with it. I just don’t like it and I don’t see why it can’t just be straight grapevine.

Chante: Because that’s boring.

Paige: Okay I’m the captain. I’m not in the mood for sass and I’m changing the choreography. Is that boring?

Manny: I’ll show you and I’ll take it really, really slow okay?

Paige: I’m missing the mascot. Go get the costume, I’ll take your place.

Manny: You want me to do what?!

Hazel: We’re performing in two hours Paige. We’ve never caught you.

Paige: Well unless Manny, Darcy, Chante and you all want off the squad, Manny’s the mascot. Consider my foot down.

-At Manny’s locker-

Darcy: Don’t throw out Justin!

Manny: Purging. Anything that could possibly remind me of this year must go.

Darcy: I wish we could purge Paige. If anyone deserved to fall off her high horse it’s her. What?!

Manny: Okay…what if-

-In the auditorium-

Ms. Hatzilakos: And so I’d like to declare this school year officially over. *Everyone starts cheering*

Kevin: Offer you a free soda? Swanky school.

Caitlin: Actually we call it pop around these here parts.

Kevin: Ah see this is why I need you around me when we’re shooting the movie so you can translate Canadian. Can you do that for me?

Caitlin: Oh stop.

Kevin: The whole time. Please.

Caitlin: Shush!

Ms. Hatzilakos: To send us toward the summer with smiles on our faces, here’s Degrassi’s spirit squad!!

*The girls start their routine, Paige goes up in a double base and as she’s cradling the girls purposely don’t catch her*

Paige: Ow!! Ow my leg! Ow! Ow.

Caitlin: So that’s the gym.

Paige: Ow! Ow please do something!!

-In the recording

Craig: We write all our own stuff.

Ashley: So we can adjust it if you want!

Music guy: If I want? What I want is Husker Du meets the Meat Puppets with maybe a soup song of Van Halen. That’s what I want.

Craig: Um okay! Is that what we did?!

Music guy: Is that what you did?? This is a buddy/love story okay man!! It’s not the place for whiny girls impersonating Kate Bush, accompanied by Bon Jovi wannabees!

Craig: Hey!!

Music guy: Get out of my office please. Thank you. Get Kevin for me please.

Craig: I guess we’re no Meat Puppets.

Ashley: I guess we suck!

-At the store, Manny is trying on a simple dark dress-

Emma: Don’t look so worried. Paige is fine. So is the dress…

Manny: Fine, fine, fine as in boring! Like mass. Latin with holy hot altar boys out the flute.

Emma: Kind of looks like something the altar boy would wear.

Manny: *picking up the pink dress* This one makes me happy, but Paige-

Emma: She broke her leg yesterday. She’s not going to the semi-formal. And this just happens to be the Manniest dress ever.

Manny: You think?

Emma: After all she put you through I think you deserve it.

-Outside the dance-

JT: The cheese buffet opens at 10.

Manny: Tempting.

Liberty: We came up with that together. We share a love of cheese.

JT: Yes we do. Anyways your ballots for king and queen.

Darcy: I feel terrible! Do you feel terrible? I feel terrible.

Manny: She’ll get over it and so will we.

Darcy: Her leg was twisted like she was a Cirque Du Soleil chick! She isn’t!!

Manny: So we’ll, we’ll vote for her for prom queen okay? And we’ll send the tiara to her house. Now I’m going to ask Toby to dance for extra penance.

Darcy: Okay.

-Outside the school, Paige, Hazel, Marco & Jimmy arriving-

Paige: Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade our limo driver Jim Boy Jed, the criminal, delivers us in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse, happed up on painkillers I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus! Hello everyone!! Happy prom! This is so perfectly festive!

Jimmy: Are you finished?

Paige: No! My armpits hurt!

Hazel: More than your armpits will hurt if you don’t shut your pie hole! I wanted this to be special for him and all you can do is whine!

Marco: Um if the tantrums been thrown-

Hazel: One more thing, Manny stepped up and ran the Spirit Squad for you when you were too self-involved! All she wanted was a thank you, but could you give her that?! Oh no!

Paige: She was horrible to me!

Hazel: But can you tell me why you had to be more horrible back? Why you always have to be more horrible?!

-Inside the dance, Manny & Toby are dancing-

Manny: Um maybe, maybe I can get a beverage now?

Toby: Maybe you’ll uh like the next song too.

Manny: Right. Right, right, well, Emma! Emma-

Emma: Hey.

Manny: Said she would die if she didn’t get her hands on you!

*Manny shoves Emma in Toby’s arms*

Emma: No I-

Kevin: Oh my god Ms. Ryan. If I knew you were taking me to the prom, I would have totally gotten you a corsage.

Caitlin: I’m here to help you check the place out. It doesn’t qualify as a date.

Kevin: So weird, my prom date said the exact same thing.

-Outside the dance-

Manny: Oh my god. You’re indestructible. Um I’m really glad you’re here because-

Paige: What are you wearing?!

Liberty: Once the ballot’s filled out it needs to be handed in.

Paige: I cannot believe!

JT: Maybe you two could be the world’s first matching prom queen set, like socks, or mittens or uh bookends.

Manny: We’re not bookends.

Paige: What I was going to say was uh good luck. I really hope you win.

-In the gymnasium-

*Ashley and Craig are performing for everyone*

-In the photocopying room, Paige is photocopying a bunch of ballots and putting Manny’s name on them -

Paige: Can’t wait to you see you center stage Manny Santos.

-Outside the dance-

Craig: We rocked the place out!

Ashley: Did you just say rocked out?

Craig: Hey no lip or I’ll smother you in sweat.

Ashley: I’m gonna miss you so much.

Craig: But, the show went really great!

Ashley: There was a moment up there when I just thought to myself I have nothing left to prove. I’m ready to go to England and try some new things.

Craig: Alright.

Ashley: You know I’ve wanted to go since I was a kid.

Craig: Since you saw Mary Poppins, I know. It’s great, it’s really great.

Ashley: Come on you. Let’s get to the cheese buffet before Heather Sinclair eats all the havarti.

Craig: Um I’ll meet you there.

-Back in the gymnasium-

Marco: Thanks to my charming, but odd, cheese loving committee, to all of you and of course to our sponsor Pantene. Alright right now, for the fateful moment, our king Jimmy Brooks and queen Manny Santos!

*Paige tries to grab the crown from Marco and her crutch smashes his foot*

Marco: Paige what are you doing?!

Paige: Give me the crown. Well deserved Manny!

*Paige leans forward and ‘accidentally’ pulls off Manny’s dress and uses her crutch to push Marco into her so she falls into Kevin’s arms*

Kevin: You alright? We’re gonna definitely be shooting here Ms. Ryan. Go put on a new gown.

*Manny runs out of the gym crying and Paige is shown laughing*

-Outside the gymnasium-

Kevin: Hey I know that kid. Hey kid get off my set!!

Craig: Sorry you working here?

Kevin: No we’re not! It’s okay. Dude I never work and that thing, I don’t even know how it operates. Ever see one of my flicks? It kind of shows.

Craig: Yeah. I like the one where the guys hang outside the 7-11.

Kevin: Yeah that kind of narrows it down a bit. Why aren’t you inside prom-ing it up?

Craig: Your music guy hated us and uh now Ashley’s going to England.

Kevin: Ah what I’m hearing is girl trouble dude. Always comes down to girl trouble. I can feel your pain sir.

Craig: You’ve been through this?

Kevin: Girl trouble? Dealing with a fat guy from New Jersey. Yeah I’ve had girl trouble. Even when I write and direct the movies, I never get the girl. I always wind up with Jay, some cases a monkey. But you know what I found, when my uh heart gets broken, just throw yourself into work man. Go home start writing a song. Go write a song for a movie. Movie directed by fat Star Wars nerd who hangs around high schools during prom, talks to brokenhearted musician types. Dude what part of this don’t you understand?!

Craig: Your music guy said I suck!

Kevin: Ugh dude he’s persona non grata. That dude’s got no credibility whatsoever. The day Creed broke up I found him in a bathroom stall and he was crying. Crying!! Besides, it’s my movie. It’s not his movie. You’re looking at me all incredulous-like. Dude did you not see me ten minutes ago?! I flat out caught the Prom Queen! You know what kind of huge karmic debt that is to pay back? I gotta pay it forward man. I’m gonna pay you.

-In the girls washroom-

Paige: I brought pins. If it were legal I’d offer you painkillers too.

Manny: Where do you get off coming in here?! How can you even talk to me?

Paige: Hi you broke my leg!

Manny: You made me be the mascot.

Paige: You made me look stupid.

Manny: You took credit for my work.

Paige: You got Matt fired!

Manny: You! I don’t remember, but you started it!

Paige: I’ll keep going! You stress me at Spirit Squad! You make me look like full fat spaz!

Manny: Shut up!! You’re just jealous.

Paige: Yeah right.

Manny: Um, don’t drink anything else tonight. The girls went out for laxatives.

Paige: Thanks for the tip. Well at least it’s summer now.

Manny: Yeah summer’s good.

Episode 414: of Degrassi: The Next Generation (Secret pt. 1), Emma discovers the dark secret of what goes on in the van down in the ravine. At the beginning of the episode, Emma's parents, Spike and Snake (Mr. Simpson) wonder if Emma is okay. Ever since the school shooting, Emma hasn't been herself. The problem is, nobody, including Emma, really knows why. And when Emma discovers what it takes to earn a bracelet like Amy has -- oral sex -- she is both shocked and intrigued. For some reason, she decides to go to the ravine, and get into the van with Jay, to "earn" her bracelet. We, like Emma, are left to wonder why she would ever do such a thing.
And when her parents catch her sneaking into her bedroom in the middle of the night, she bursts into tears, telling them that she has been scared, that she can't sleep, ever since the shooting at school. But, after her parents leave and Emma looks, almost proudly, at the bracelet she's earned.

Episode 415: of Degrassi: The next Generation (Secret pt.2), Emma quickly discovers that there's more than one way to become afflicted with STDs such as gonorrhea. The day after visiting Jay in the van in the ravine, Emma finds out that oral sex isn't "safe" sex. When Jay's girlfriend Alex is diagnosed with gonorrhea, Emma quickly realizes that her sore throat might be a lot more than just a cold. And, predictably, the word about Emma's condition spreads through the school gossip channels, to the point that her Dracula co-star Nate refuses to kiss her during their performance, afraid he'll get the disease.
Emma blames Jay for giving her a "social disease," despite the fact that Emma freely chose to do what she did with Jay down in the ravine. Jay insists he didn't do anything wrong, and on some level she knows he's right. The virtue Jay sees in her is no longer something she can see in herself. When Jay tells Emma the "real" her wasn't the girl in the ravine, Emma's not so sure.
Finally, Emma decides to face up to the fact that she may have an STD, and tells her parents she needs to go to the clinic to get tested. When Snake realizes what she means by this, he can't look at her in the eyes. Perhaps he wonders where the "real" Emma has gone as well.

Episode 416: of Degrassi: The Next Generation (Eye of the Tiger), Jimmy returns to school after a long hospital stay. He has finally had enough time to recuperate from having been shot in the spine to come back to Degrassi. He may, however, be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Regardless, all of his friends are excited to have him back -- all of them except Spinner.
Jimmy soon discovers that Spinner's guilt over bullying Rick to the point where Rick brought a gin to school and shot Jimmy is what had prevented Spinner from visiting Jimmy in the hospital. Spinner insists that he simply didn't know what to say, and expects to find out that Jimmy hates him. But, much to Spinner's delight, Jimmy is in a forgiving mood. But still, Spinner's guilt won't go away, and after watching Jimmy struggle to dribble a basketball in his wheelchair, Spinner can no longer keep his big secret. He tells Jimmy that he and Jay sent Rick after Jimmy, blaming Jimmy for the paint and feathers incident. Hearing this, Jimmy can barely contain his anger. He can't forgive Spinner.
Soon Spinner finds himself playing the role of social outcast, with nobody to talk to except partner in crime Jay. Jay's solution to Spinner's problems comes in the form of a bottle of booze, and before you know it, a drunken Spinner crashes Jimmy's welcome back party, begs for forgiveness, and, getting none, tries to drive away in Joey's car. Lucky for Spinner, Jimmy intervenes and prevents Spinner for doing something very stupid. Spinner gives up the keys and decides that there's only one right thing to do. He confesses to Principal Hatzilakos -- he and Jay were behind the incident that led to one student being paralyzed and one being killed. Just as with his former friends, Spinner doesn't get off easy with Ms. H, and he is expelled from Degrassi.

Episode 417: of Degrassi: The Next Generation (Queen of Hearts), Ellie confronts her mother about her mom's attempt to control her drinking problems. Even though it's obvious to Ellie and everyone else that her experiment with living on her own hasn't exactly been smooth sailing -- her pet ferret died, her landlord is on her back about the rent, and, above all, she's lonely -- the last thing Ellie wants is to turn to her mom for help. After Marco introduces Ellie to the card game euchre, Ellie discovers she has a knack for it. Soon, she hatches a scheme, playing euchre for money in an attempt to become completely independent of her mom, who still pays Ellie's rent. Even though Ellie's mom has been in therapy and she hasn't had a drink in three months, Ellie simply won't forgive her mom for the damage she's caused. It takes a stern talking-to from euchre partner Alex to put things into perspective. After Ellie surprisingly asks Alex to move in with her, so Ellie won't have to ask her mom for money again. But, instead of accepting, Alex wonders what kind of "monster" tries to turn her life around, tries to stop drinking, tries to make things right with her daughter, and even pays her daughter's rent for her. Ellie's mom doesn't sound all that bad to Alex.
Even though she's not completely willing to trust her mom, Ellie ultimately decides to give her mom another chance. As long as Mrs. Nash makes it easy for Ellie to trust her again, Ellie will consider moving back home with her mom. She has to admit that she's been alone long enough.

Episode 418: of Degrassi: The Next Generation (Modern Love), the secret relationship of Paige and her student-teacher Matt is finally, inevitably, exposed. Although they had done their best to keep their relationship on the down low at school, once people like Hazel found out about it, it was only an argument away from becoming public knowledge.
First, Matt tried to save his placement at Degrassi by telling his advisor, Mr. Simpson, and Principal Hatzilakos that, in fact, he was the innocent victim of Paige's uncontrollable crush. He tells them that Paige has been stalking him. When Paige finds out what Matt told them, she is livid. However, if the two of them are to remain together, either Matt must completely forsake his future as a teacher, or Paige must be willing to carry the label of a stalker. After some soul searching, Paige decided she would rather be known as a teacher-crazy girl than not be with Matt anymore. And, just as she is about to confess, to back up Matt's story, Matt finally does the right thing and accepts full responsibility for their relationship, and for crossing the line in student/teacher relations.
Matt is fired from his placement, and his future as a teacher looks doubtful, but, since he no longer works at Degrassi, there is a silver lining -- he and Paige no longer have to hide their relationship.
The question is: Is Paige setting herself up for heartbreak again?

Episode 419: of Degrassi: The Next Generation (Moonlight Desires), Marco learns that, as a sexually active gay male, he is prohibited from giving blood at the Degrassi blood donation drive. To make matters worse, Marco discovers that his boyfriend Dylan wants to have an "open" relationship. But Marco only wants Dylan, and he can't be with Dylan unless Dylan remains faithful to him. Dylan can't, and this spells breakup for the gay couple.
Meanwhile, when Marco tries to get an explanation for why he isn't allowed to donate blood, he's told that sexually active gay males are in a high-risk category for HIV infection. But Marco has only been with Dylan, and Dylan -- up to this point -- has been a one-man-man. Marco can't believe that he is considered a high-risk case, and feels that the blood donation policies are discriminatory.