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Character Profiles

 Nadia Jamir- She is in a wheel chair. We don’t know much about her; except that she is good friends with Kendra and that she doesn’t let the wheel chair stop her from doing the things that she likes to do.


Kendra Mason- Kendra is Spinner’s adopted sister. She is sort of a tomboy who enjoys sports, especially field hockey. She is dating Toby, the computer whiz. She is seen hanging with Nadia.


Sean Hope Cameron- He goes through some changes this year. He dumps his girlfriend Emma to hang out with Jay and his gang that steals. He dated Amy, which got Emma mad and she got back at him, getting him 8 weeks of detention. He became friends with Jimmy, Hazel and Toby and hooked up with Ellie. He’s a gangster now, but he’s still cares about things.


Toby Isaacs- This year, Toby deals with JT becoming popular and still being a geek. He tries to get concert tickets from Jimmy by changing his math grade, which landed both of them in Saturday detention along with Sean, Ellie, and Hazel. Toby took the blame for something Jimmy did and they are pals now. Toby may always be a geek, but he’ll always be JT’s best friend.


Emma Nelson- She found her birth dad and was mad to find out that he had brain damage and her mom kept it from her, but is doing okay now. Emma deals with some losses this year. Her best friend Manny, whom she’d known since grade 2, dumped her and all her friends to be popular. And Sean dumped her to be a part of a gang. Plus Snake got cancer, but thankfully got in remission. And she also became sort of a bad girl. She got into a fight with Alex. Emma developed a lot this year and is tough. She also has a boyfriend named Chris, who is new to Degrassi.


Chris Sharpe- He is the new guy at Degrassi. He is a budding hip hop DJ and was dating a girl named Melanda, until Emma caught his attention, and he dumped Melanda to be with Emma. He has a good taste in music and a nice style in hats.


Manny Santos- Manny decided to change her look and attitude because she was sick of being known as Emma’s best friend and didn’t want to get rejected again for being too young. She dumps Emma and rejects JT when he asks her out, so she could go out with Sully. Manny also got a little close to Craig, who he began to see behind Ashley’s back. Manny got pregnant, and ended up getting an abortion. She is getting along with her old friends again, but she is still known as the “school tramp” and will never be the same person she was before.


Liberty Van Zandt- Liberty is still the smart perfectionist that she always was, but what’s different is that she has a boyfriend named Towerz now. She developed a crush on Sean, who didn’t like her back, but Towerz (Sean’s friend) did.


JT Yorke- JT decides that this year, he is going for younger women, and it’s not even Paige. He likes Manny when she changes her look, but she rejects him. He invites her to a commercial party and it mends her friendship with him. JT becomes popular and friendly with Paige this year, which got Toby a little mad at first. JT is still funny and charming, except he’s got a whole new look and is pretty good looking.


Hazel Aden- Hazel is still nice, popular and best friends with Paige, the most popular girl in her grade. Hazel even shows a side that she cares for her friends when she discovers Rick was beating Terri. And she and Jimmy hook up at Saturday detention after Jimmy dared her to kiss Toby, and she did it! She dated Marco before he came out.


Jimmy Brooks- Jimmy is still a jock and a really good friend. He was there for Marco when he came out and is still friends with Spinner, but not as close to him as he was before. He even hooks up with Hazel this year.


Marco Del Rossi- Marco comes out this year, and develops a crush on Paige’s older brother Dylan, and eventually starts dating him. His friends accept him, and even Spinner started to accept him after helping him prepare for his date with Dylan. Marco and Ellie are still best friends. Marco is nice, funny, and now he’s a little girly.


Ashley Kerwin- She turned punk this year since she is dating Craig, who is in a band. Ashley also deals with some pain this year. Craig cheated on her with Manny and got her pregnant. Terri suffered some serious injuries from Rick. Ashley has been under a lot of stress this year, but with the help of two good friends, Paige and Spinner, she is smiling again. She is nice, caring, and can be hard-headed at times, but she’s still an okay person.


Terri Macgregor- Terri really wanted to have a boyfriend, so she dated her secret admirer Rick. He beat her and she dumped him. But then they got back together again, and he pushed into a rock, where she suffered some serious injuries on her head. She is still in the hospital, but is doing much better. Terri is nice, and a good person, but she can be stubborn sometimes.


Paige Michalchuk- She is still popular, as usual. She softened down her attitude a bit, and she is dating Spinner. She has become such a good friend, that it’s surprising sometimes to think how much she has changed. She is still friends with Hazel, Spinner and Jimmy and now has a strong friendship with Ashley too. She was raped by a soccer player named Dylan. She was even there for Ellie when Ellie was cutting herself.


Craig Manning- Craig has become a two-timing scum. He cheated on Ashley with Manny and was almost a father, until Manny got an abortion. He moved on with his life, and Ashley has at least stopped hating on him so much. He may have done something wrong this year, but he is still cool, funny and nice.


Spinner Mason- Spinner is dating Paige and also took some time to get over his homophobia ever since his best friend Marco came out. He also dealt with Paige and JT’s close friendship and learning to like JT. Spinner is still a goof ball, and a fun person to be around.


Ellie Nash- Ellie is experiencing some trouble at home. Her dad is in the navy and is away all the time and when he’s gone, her mom gets drunk all the time and throws up. Ellie felt like cutting was the best way to get through it. Paige talked to Ms. Sauve for her and helped Ellie. Ellie also got a co-op job that Paige wanted. Ellie is still in therapy, but she’s dating Sean now because he understands her.


Dylan Michalchuk- Dylan is Paige’s older brother, who’s been mentioned once in the first season, is gay and hooks up with Marco. Dylan is very athletic, energetic, funny and charming. And that’s probably why Marco likes him that much.




Mr. Armstrong- He is a math and gym teacher and does a good job of balancing both. Kids like him because he’s cool, but he’s very serious with sports and teaching math.


Ms. Hatzilakos- Lots of people like her, especially the boys because she is very attractive. She may be as attractive as a model, but she really enjoys teaching science and that’s what is most important to her.


Ms. Kwan- She is a good English teacher at Degrassi and although she can be annoying to kids sometimes, she is still nice once in a while. That’s only if you’re on her good side.


Mr. Simpson- He is one of the coolest, most enthusiastic teachers at Degrassi. But this year, he discovers that he has leukemia of the blood, which upsets him and his whole family. Luckily, he is in remission and is okay now. He was still always putting a smile on when he is teaching Media Immersion.


Principal Raditch- He can be pretty strict most of the time, but he’s a good principal. There is some theft at Degrassi this year and he did the best he could to take care of the problem. Degrassi is a pretty safe school and he is doing a good job. And after being seen dancing in the gym on a Saturday, he’s revealed his wild side!




Joey Jeremiah- This good step father of Craig and father of Angela and car salesman deals with some romantic issues this year. He dates Sidney, who is a work-a-holic. After sharing an intimate moment with Caitlin over the holidays, he breaks up with Sidney and gets back together with Caitlin. He may be a hard-working father with two kids to take care of and a job, but he still has the power to charm a woman.


Caitlin Ryan- She is Spike and Joey’s old high school friend who has decided to return to Toronto and Joey thinks it’s because she missed him. She is working as a TV reporter on her own show and has Ellie Nash as her intern. She is back together with Joey. She works a lot, but she still has an energetic and fun-loving side.


Christine Simpson- She is the wife of Mr. Simpson and mother of Emma. Spike dealt with seeing Shane, Emma’s birth father, again. She tried to explain to Emma that she was 16 and there was nothing she could do about Shane being locked up, and after some thinking, Emma forgave her. She also gave birth to Baby Jack. She is a good mom and is doing a good job of raising Emma.