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Calendar of Events

This is where all of the contests and the winners are posted. We have a new contest about ever week so keep checking back!

Refferal Contest

In this contest you are trying to recruit the most people into our guild. The person to get the most people to join wins a faerie of their choice! Remember to make sure that you tell the people you reffer to neomail me telling me that you reffered them! Here is the prize rubric: ok for every person you get to join you get a refferal and when you reach a certain about you get a prize
  • 5 referrals - 1 codestone
  • 10 referrals- 2 codestone
  • 15 referrals- 3 codestone

Message Boards

Caption Contest

Just come up with the best caption for this picture. Send it to angelfire1860. I will post the captions and let some of the members put their input into it! The prizes for winning are:
  • 1st place: A plushie worth 3k or more
  • 2nd place: A random toy/book
  • 3rd place: A random food item

    Click here to see the picture. Good luck!

Free Fridays

This is very simple, just be an active helpful member and you will win free items like codestones, faeries, maybe even a paintbrush. How cool is that! Here are the recent winners:
  • 1-7-05: meg200812


Send Angelfire1860 a neomail that has one item on it that you want that is 10,000 nps or less. Then on the 20th of the month, I will pick five people, who wished for an item and put them on a poll in the guild and people will vote and the person with most votes gets their wish granted.