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These are some helpful hints for newbies or even veteran Neopians

Making NPs without Games

      Wow! Can it be true? Can you actually earn neopoints without playing your games on a daily basis? Such a thing might be unheard of to some of you. Some of you might already be familiar with the ways of earning neopoints without games. Well, if you are among those that do not know how to earn neopoints without spending hours daily playing games, then this is the article for you!

One way to earn neopoints without playing games is to enter contests. Neopets has many contests that you can enter in attempts to earn both neopoints and items. Here are a few of those contests and what you can potentially earn: For this article, I chose to enter the Beauty Contest. Those that visited this page before I put up this article will remember that I had a picture of my baby scorchio up. I also requested that you kindly voted for my pet. Thanks to everyone's help, my pet received 3,000 + votes! I just want to thank you for voting for my pet. I do appreciate it. Now, onto what I personally won.

I received 30,000 neopoints + a rare item that I sold for 500,000 neopoints! That means entering one contest that lasted for one week I won 530,000 neopets overall! That's not bad for drawing a quick picture and entering it into the contest. Now, the key to winning in the beauty contest is advertising. Well, advertising plus a nice picture are the things that can help you win. If you have some talent creating pictures of your neopets, give it a go and see what you might win! After the contest has started, just ask people to vote for you if they like your picture. You can ask your friends through AIM, neomail (don't spam!), or in a guild (if you are a member of one). The more people you ask, the better chance you have at winning! As for me, I asked you kind people to vote for me. :) Thank you.

Another way that you can earn neopoints is by "restocking." This takes some time, effort, and quick fingers. Now, what is restocking? Restocking is purchasing things from Official Neopet Shops and reselling them through your own personal shops. Many people choose to restock at the Magic Shop or the Toy Shop as many of those items will sell for more than the original price.

Example, I purchased a "Fire Mote" for 485 neopoints in the Magic Shop, I could turn around and sell it for 900 neopoints in my shop! I just made 415 neopoints in profit. I also purchased a rather cheap "White Chocolate Nimmo" for 175 neopoints. I turned around and sold that for 395 neopoints. I made a 220 neopoit profit there. These are cheap items. It would take a lot of buying and selling to make a decent profit with these. Some people take to buying only rare items. They have become quite good at spotting cheap rare items while restocking. They turn around and sell those items for 100,000+ neopoints! If you practice and learn where items restock and are quick, you can grab up those items and sell them for very hefty profits.

Some people don't restock that well, so they take to restocking via the Shop Wizard. You can do this by picking out a general item name such as "FAERIE" and refresh until you see something priced at a ridiculously low price. Sometimes people "misprice" items. This may not seem that "kind" of a thing to do as it is taking advantage of another person's mistake. However, people do use this strategy to earn neopoints.

One of the items most searched for on the "Wiz" is codestones. If you decide to refresh for an item like this, be very quick. There are always many other people refreshing for this same item. If they see a codestone priced for 100 neopoints, you can be sure that if you aren't quick enough, someone else will grab it within a matter of a few seconds. The trick to Wiz Restocking is picking something that probably doesn't get searched for that often. I knew a person that once Wiz Restocked a Faerie Doll for only 2,000 neopoints. That doll was valued well over 2,000,000 neopoints!

One of the most simple and effective way of earning some sort of neopoints on a daily basis is by doing your daily freebies. You can sell the items you get for free! If you are lucky, you can sometimes earn items that will earn you 10,000 or more neopoints! On one of my best says of doing my daily freebies, I earned about 15,000 neopoints by getting two codestones and a dubloon. Here is a list of freebies you should be sure to do at least once a day:

Guide to 10,000 NPs Daily

      Did you realize that you can earn 100,000 NPs in just 10 days? Yes, I said you. If you are one of the many that are aware of this fact already, then this article is not for you. This article is meant for those that state that they are poor. People in the game of Neopets are only poor if they are too lazy to do anything about how they play. Yea, I said lazy. Not a nice word when you think about it? However, with this guide, 90% of people should be able to earn at least 5,000-10,000 NPs on a daily basis within less than twp hours time. In fact, I'll earn my 10,000 as I type up this article. So, let me time myself for each thing I do.

START: 10:45am: Sutek's Tomb.
      This game may not be for everyone; however, with practice, you should be able to earn at least 1,000 off of each good game you play. The trick is NOT to submit your score until you have at least 2,500 points in the game. That translates to about 1,000 NPs. Also, do not hesitate to hit "Restart" if you find you are running out of time and do not have many points. I would personally suggest playing on full screen and the hardest setting. Don't let anything distract you-- even the music. I find that I play better in complete silence.
END: 11:00am - Earned 2,832 NPs

START: 11:20am: Destruct-O-Match.
      This game may be harder than Sutek's Tomb for some people. However, remember that this is NOT a timed game. So, if you need to, take extra time to try to plan out some moves. I usually more time on this game than any other Neopet game. I try to clear the first level before even thinking about submitting my score. I would recommend getting a score of at least 1,000 before submitting. A score of 1,000 NPs translates to 500 NPs. If you can't clear a level, try to leave the level with 5 pieces. Leaving the level with 5 peices will give you an extra 250 points when you start the next round. Though, I admittedly get lazy with game and submit when I score about 600. The clicking can get very annoying.
END: 11:40am - Earned 911 NPs

START: 11:50am: Meerca Chase.
      I hear a lot of people make good NPs off of this game on a daily basis. I'm admittedly not a good player of this game; however, I am going to give it my best effort to see what I can come up with after a few decent (by my low standard) rounds of this game. After a test round, it seems that the number of points you earn in the game are the number of NPs you earn overall. :) I'm playing on the medium setting.
END: 11:55am - Earned 475 NPs

START: 1:00pm: Hannah and the Pirate Caves.
      I'm not the best player in the world with this game; however, I can seem to get at least a score of 100,000 each time when I start from the tutorial levels. That usually gets me 1,000 per play.
END: 1:30pm - Earned 3,000 NPs

START: 3:00pm: Hubrid's Hero Heist.
      I personally haven't played this game in some time; however, I do remember it as something that was pretty easy to play and gave out OK NPs. So, this will be my last attempt in getting 10,000 for today. :) Hehe. I'm not that great at this game.
END: 3:10pm - Earned 760 NPs

      As you can see, I only played about 75 minutes worth of games. I earned a total of 7,978 NPs during that time. If I actually spent the last 45 minutes of the two hours playing other random games I could easily earn the last 2,022 NPs. The trick is to sometimes just play a ton of random games just to do it. Even if you aren't at the game, you can still earn some NPs.

      You may or may not earn a full 10,000 NPs every day; but, at the very minimum you can earn 5,000+ NPs. If you are serious about purchasing things you want, learn to sore away your hard earned NPs in the bank. Don't forget to collect interest!

      If these things don't work for you, find games that you are good at. Most of what will help you earn NPs is playing those games that you know you can get at least 700-1,000 per try. Those NPs can really add up if you put in the little effort required. So, please don't be lazy. Neopet players tend not to like lazy people that ask for handouts instead of working for what they want. Most people that have 'cool things' took the time and effort to earn it. They will respect you that much more if you take the time and effort to earn what you want.

      Oh, so you just realized that I've only talked about games in this article? Well, games are only ONE of the many ways you can earn NPs... Maybe in a future article I will inform you of other ways you might not be aware of. :)

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