The Earth Faerie Guild Webbie


Calendar of Events

This is where all the current available jobs are posted.

Each job has a limit of 5 poeple, with the exception of the Newpaper job, I will allow up to 10 people working on that at a time. I will be giving away prizes to those people who do thier jobs exceptionaly well!! Keep working hard!

Council Members

Refferal Team
The refferal team basically advirtises the guild. To be on the refferal team you have to be an active member. Here are the poeple currentally on the job:

Activities Commitee
The activities commitee comes up with the guilds contests, giveaways, and other activities. To be on the activities committe you have to be creative, be on the computer often, and of course be active! Here is a list of people on the activities committe:

Layout Team
The layout team comes up with and designs the layout for the guild. To join the layout team you have to know html! The people on this team are:

Newspaper Editors
This is the team that writes the newpaper. To get this job you have to have good writing skills, and good researching skills. Here are the Newspaper editors:

Closet Cleanout Fridays
Accepts donations of any item worth 100 NP or above. Items will be marked at 50% Shopwiz price. At 12PM NST the sale will start. Sale ends when all items are sold out. This is open to all Neopians so guild members will have to be fast (first come first serve). This job will be assigned to 1 person:

Board Monitors
Responsible for monitoring the guild Message Board. Duties include; Deleting Duplicate Posts, Reporting rude or offensive behavior to council, deleting spam. This job needs only 3 people. You have to be an active member to get this job. Here are the board moniters for this guild:

Guild Reporter
Responsible for gathering information on new Avatars, events, games, and pets, this information will be forwarded to Council. Information must be accurate and detailed. Each guild reporter will be given a specific topic to research, then they send their information to both Angelfire1860 and the newspaper editors! The guild reporters are:

Please send your application to either Angelfire1860 or Wretchedpuppy. Thank you!