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Here are the "Daily Duties" of all neopians

      Here are thing that you can do on a daily basis to get both neopoints & items!


Over on Mystery Island, there is a Tiki Tack Man that gives out all kinds of things. Though, sometimes he needs NP donations to help fund his giveaways. All you have to do is show up once a day to get a lottery ticket. If you win, you can get anything from NPs to Faeries!

Giant Omelette

This neverending omelette will help supply you with one omelette a day. An omelette will feed your pet three times! This is helpful for those that can't afford much food.

Wheel of Excitement

This wheel costs 150 NP and can only be spun once every two hours. You never know what you can get with this wheel! You can get anything from 8 NPs to items worth over 100,000 NPs! (Sometimes you can even have items stolen by the Pant Devil.)

Coltzan's Shrine

Hmm. What will Coltzan give you today? Sometimes nothing happens. (Well, it seems that most times nothing happens for me...) But, if you are lucky, Coltzan can improve your pets stats, give you food, NPs, or battledome items!

Fruit Machine

You can visit the fruit machine once a day. You never know what you can get! Anything from food, to NPs, to petpets can be won at this machine!

Wheel of Knowlage

This wheel costs 500 NPs to spin. You can only spin it once every 24 hours. Be warned, many of the prizes from this wheel are not worth the 500 NP fee.

Giant Jelly

Oh Yum! You can't pass up some FREE FOOD daily! Your pets will thank you for it! This is another great daily event that can help keep those pets of poor neopians well fed.


Once a day, Turmaculus can be woken up. To wake him up, you must have a petpet attached to your current neopet. If you wake him up and he is in a good mood, he will give you anything from neopoints to items to restoring your pets hit points. Be careful though. If you upset him, he will eat your petpet.

Wheel of Mediocrity

This wheel costs 50 NP and can only be spun once an hour. This wheel doesn't have as good as prizes as the Wheel of Excitement, but it is still worth the spin.

Labratory Ray

Have you collected all of the lab map pieces? If so, you can then visit the lab daily! The lab can both do your pet good & do your pet harm. Either way, it is fun to see what the lab ray has in store for that day.. ;)

Healing Springs

Have a sick pet? You can visit the healing springs once every thirty minutes to try to heal your pet. The Water Faerie will either feed your pets, give you a potion, heal your pet of disease, or restore some/all of your HPs. Sometimes she will both healin your pet, feed your pet, and restore HPs at the same time!

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!